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Our online time slots may not reflect the actual duration of your nail appointment because the duration may vary. All payment transactions on our website are securely processed by Stripe. Flamingo Beauty does not collect nor store your card details on its server. Flamingo Beauty and its service partners are fully GDPR compliant.

You can use this page to book your nail appointment online 24 hours, 7 days a week, completely hassle-free. And your nail appointment will be confirmed automatically, saving you time and effort.

Got questions about booking online? Read our Frequently Asked Questions ↓

Got a question?

Nail Appointment FAQs

How to book an appointment?

To book a nail appointment, select a service, then pick a time slot, fill in your details and pay a deposit. A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your appointment. Alternatively, you can call us on 0118 206 9559 or visit our salon in person to book an appointment.

Do I need to pay a deposit when booking an appointment?

Short answer, no. A deposit is not required when you are making an appointment with us. However, if you miss too many appointments, you may be asked to pay a deposit for your future appointment. Or if you do not show up to your appointments without notice, a no-show fee will be taken as set out in our booking T&Cs.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Call us on 0118 206 9559 and we will help you cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Or you can visit Customer Sign-in page to quickly reschedule your appointment online.

In case you have paid a deposit, please kindly be advised that the deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment but can be used towards rescheduling if a minimum notice is given to us

Can I book more than one treatment in a booking?

Yes, of course. You can book a hand treatment and a foot treatment in one single appointment. Simply tick the services that you require, then confirm them with a deposit payment. It is that simple!

Please kindly note, that we will carry out the services subsequently.

Do you use MMA monomer liquid for acrylic nails?

We can proudly say that we DO NOT use methyl methacrylate (MMA) in our salon. We only use the safer alternative called ethyl methacrylate (EMA).

If you don’t already know what MMA is, it is a poisonous substance and has been banned in consumer products by FDA. MMA is cheaper, only one-third the price of EMA. Some discount salons still use it, because it’s so much cheaper and has a stronger bond.

Can nail extensions damage my natural nails?

Most damage attributed to nail extensions is actually caused by over-filing the nails, which is most likely to happen when a technician forgoes a hand buffer in favour of a drill fitted with a file tip to remove the top layer of the natural nails. In simple words, the acrylic powder itself barely damages your nails, over-filing does.

At Flamingo Beauty, we tend to keep the filing to the minimum as much as we can. For instance, when removing nail extensions, we soak off your nails in nail remover for longer so we won’t need to use the drill as much.

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