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Hand Care

  • Shellac (Hands)£23
  • French shellac (Hands)£26
  • Mini manicure with shellac£26
  • Mini manicure with French shellac£31
  • Luxury manicure with shellac£35
  • Luxury manicure with French shellac£40

Foot Care

  • Shellac (Feet)£25
  • French shellac (Feet)£28
  • Pedicure with shellacIncludes toenail cut and shape, foot scrub, callus removal, foot massage, and plain shellac (gel polish) paint£39
  • Pedicure with French shellacIncludes toenail cut and shape, foot scrub, callus removal, foot massage, and French shellac (gel polish) paint£41

Nail Extensions

  • Ombre powderOmbre infills from £29from £37
  • Acrylics with shellac gel colourInfills with shellac from £28from £32
  • Acrylics with French shellacInfills with French shellac from £34from £37
  • Glitter powderfrom £45
  • Surcharge for extra long extensionsfrom £3

Nail Art

  • Swarovski diamanté POA
  • Crystal pixiePOA
  • Dried flowersPOA
  • Chrome nailsPOA
Got a question?

Nail Service FAQs

I'm new to nail extensions, what are they?

As the name suggests, nail extensions allow you to extend your natural nails in length or thickness. You can get nail extensions if you want to have your nails a bit longer, or to keep your natural nails from breaking.

If you currently have no nail extensions on, you would need to an appointment for a full set of nail extensions, which will be done with acrylic powder at our salon.

If you have had your nail extensions done within the last 3 to 4 weeks, you can get an infill appointment, where you will have the grown part of your natural nails filled with acrylic powder without having to get a new set of acrylics.

How often should I get my extensions done?

We highly recommend getting your extensions done every 2 weeks, and no longer than 3 weeks.

This also depends on the nature and needs of an individual’s nails. Some people’s nails grow faster than others, hence they would require an appointment sooner.

More treatment recommendations and expectations can be found here: Treatment Recommendations

How do I look after my nail extensions?

If you have acrylic nails, it is advised to take care of them so if you are doing household chores such as washing up, gardening, or cleaning it is best to wear gloves to protect the extensions and colour. You should avoid lifting heavy objects using your nails. If you are having long nails, good care is needed since they can get caught on objects easily. The better you look after your nails the longer they will last.

More treatment recommendations and expectations can be found here: Treatment Recommendation

What is shellac nails?

Shellac is a patented brand of gel polish. It is a bit like calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover, it is the name of CND brand of gel polish.

In general, we often call gel polish ‘Shellac’. And gel polish should not be confused with gel nails (also known as hard gel or builder gel). Shellac nail polish is thinner than gel nails, so generally shellac nails tend to start to ‘break down’ around two weeks.

Shellac nails are quicker to apply, stay shiny the whole time, and are harder to chip compared to normal nail varnish. Additionally, shellac nails are much easier to remove and minimise the damages to your natural nails.

Do you use MMA monomer liquid for acrylic nails?

We can proudly say that we DO NOT use methyl methacrylate (MMA) in our salon. We only use the safer alternative called ethyl methacrylate (EMA).

If you don’t already know what MMA is, it’s considered a poisonous substance and has been banned in consumer products by FDA. MMA is cheaper, only one-third the price of EMA. Some discount salons still use it, because it’s so much cheaper and has a stronger bond.

Can nail extensions damage my natural nails?

Most damage attributed to nail extensions is actually caused by over-filing the nails, which is most likely to happen when a technician forgoes a hand buffer in favour of a drill fitted with a file tip to remove the top layer of the natural nails. In simple words, the acrylic powder itself barely damages your nails, over-filing does.

At Flamingo Beauty, we tend to keep the filing to the minimum as much as we can. For instance, when removing nail extensions, we soak off your nails in nail remover for longer so we won’t need to use the drill as much.